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Dec 1, 2012 7:00am EST
to the future of the game but the other thing is on the education peace, what we've found is teaching the parents, teaching the parents is critical. when i started we have all kinds of parents say 9 know my kid, he can go back in the game, and use save this child cannot go back in the game. parents are now aware and not making those decisions. the other piece of it is on coach's training we need to really get the coaches out there to teach other coaches. we can hand anybody in our organization but we need to do a better job with the whole nation about going to places where there isn't a national structure. >> i want to bring brooke de lench. tell us about your web site. do you working with the nfl? >> yes, we are actually helping with the nfl evolution so each day you see some of the tips from the team which i and the publisher in that fight, i am also the author of home team advantage:the critical role of mothers in youth sports and i have a great new hat, a producer of a documentary around football. and i keep hearing these great pieces about parents, so mom's team is the web site t
Dec 1, 2012 6:00am EST
is education. the parents that are out there are still don't know about this issue by and large. and it goes all the way down to the youth sports league. my kids have played multiple sports. they played them all. we have been a big sports family with our boys. but with for the education component, there's still a ton that needs to be done at the beginning of last year, virginia is one of the states that has new mandating concussion training for public schools. >> great. that's great but okay. it's a law. okay the fact that there's legislation is good but not necessarily the effective. it really when you execute it, as where it really gets where you see the quality or not. some places they do it the education component is a few forms you fill out and you send it back in and you are done. some places it's all online. that can be god or not. you click through it, the clicks and you are done and you can play. you gain no knowledge. what we did, is we implemented a -- first off, we made concussion education training mandatory for every player that plays any kind of athletic sports in the schools.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2